Cavity Wall Insulation NI

cavity wall insulation ni

Cavity Wall Insulation

Did you know one third of your household heat escapes through uninsulated cavity walls? We install airpop bonded bead injection insulation, as seen in the image above.

Our clever cavity insulation is designed to quickly transform your homes cavity walls, making them heat retaining and more efficient instantly.

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Cavity Installation Process

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cavity wall insulation northern ireland

Why Use Us?

We use the latest cavity wall technology and installation techniques, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from any upgrades £.

KIWA Certified Installers
Cavity Wall Inspections
30 Year Cavity Guarantee
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cavity wall insulation northern ireland
Residential Properties

Cavity wall insulation N Ireland is suitable for existing homes, and new builds.

cavity wall insulation northern ireland
Commercial Buidlings

Office buildings & commercial building cavity wall insulation solutions that can save you £1000s on existing costs £

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the advantages of cavity wall insulation?

    Cavity Wall Insulation Advantages

    More money in your pocket, with less gas - oil required to heat your home.

    While protecting the environment & increasing your properties energy performance rating.

    • Prevents Heat Loss
    • Cheaper Bills £
    • Sound Proofing
    • Prolong Heating System
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Increase EPC Score
    • Protect Environment
    • Increase Property Value
  • Can I get a grant for cavity wall insulation?

    Yes, this will depend on whether you already have cavity wall insulation and total combined household income £.

    *Existing Schemes

    We can even help with guidance & paperwork.

  • Why do you need to do a cavity wall survey?

    We need to check to see what type of external walls you have, cavity or solid. We also need to check for already installed installation, and whether its damaged.

    This could be due to rising damp and is quite common. If rising damp is detected we can use a technique called cavity wall insulation extraction, and then damp proof the walls before the new insulation gets installed, if required.

  • What type of cavity insulation do you use?

    We use injectable bonded beads, they perform much better in cavity walls than rolled up fibre glass insulation. Bonded beads our long lasting and they meet all building regulations & standards.

  • Is caviy wall insulation flammable?

    Yes, it is flamible. However only at very high temperatures, the beads will be sandwiched between 2 walls - one external and cold, the other internal and lukewarm. The property would need to fully on fire for this to be a concern!

    The beads used inside bean bags are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS).

  • How long does it take to install?

    Normally 1 or 2 full days finishes a normal sized home. It can take longer for larger homes or commercial buildings.

  • How long will the cavity wall insulation last?

    We provide a standard 30 year warranty for effectiveness on all cavity wall insulation jobs.

  • How do you see inside the cavity wall?

    We use a borescope, we will need to drill a small hole between the bricks, in the cement and then push a flexible camera on a wire inside the cavity. We can adjust to camera and view the inside of the cavity on the borescope.

  • What is cavity wall insulation made of?

    We use EPS beads - 'Expanded polystyrene beads'. EPS is also known by its brand name Styrofoam. Polystyrene is produced in 2 forms, foamed & rigid, you can learn more about it here.

  • Does cavity wall insulation cause damp?

    The cavity wall insulation bonded beads we use our water proof, however we will only install cavity insulation to good walls which have not been damaged by damp.

  • Does cavity wall insulation make a difference?

    Yes, in alot of cases we have customers saving in excess of 40%+ on rising energy costs, cavity wall insulation in combination with loft insulation can make a massive difference £.

  • Can cavity wall insulation get wet?

    Preferably not, however they will not retain water and our water resistant. The water will run straight through the beeds and ground.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We work and provide cavity wall insulation accross Northern Ireland and greater Belfast.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    Due to extremely high demand we currently only offer our cavity wall installation to customers who need loft insulation as well.

    We will be adding another installation team in quarter 2 of 2023 and hope to offer this as a single service then.


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