Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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Cavity Wall Extraction

Clever insulation our experts at removing defective cavity wall insulation, did you know damp insulation is worse than having an empty cavity wall and no insulation?

Defective insulation can not retain heat and in most cases will never dry out due to poor ventilation and damp in the surrounding walls.

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Understanding Cavity Walls

How To Spot Bad Insulation?

The tell tale signs, you either have no cavity wall insulation or its defective. cavity wall insulation

Damp Walls & Musty Odours
Damp Fungal Growth
Peeling Wallpaper
Bubbling Paintwork
Leaking Insulation Material
Heavy Condensation
Higher Energy Bills
Heat Does Not Last

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cavity wall extraction ni

Why Use Us?

We use the latest cavity wall insulation removal technology & extraction techniques, ensuring we leave no old damp insulation behind.

KIWA Certified Installers
Cavity Wall Inspections
30 Year Cavity Guarantee
10+ Years Experience
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cavity wall insulation removal northern ireland
Residential Properties

We can remove every type of cavity wall insulation from new and older homes.

cavity wall insulation removal northern ireland
Commercial Buidlings

Office buildings & commercial building cavity wall insulation removal solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Advantages of defective cavity insulation removal?

    Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Advantages

    Less gas & oil required for heating and maintaining heat, saving you £.

    • No Damp Walls
    • No Peeling W-Paper
    • No Musty Odours
    • Prolong Boiler Life
    • No Mouldy Walls
    • No Flaky Walls
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Increase EPC Score
    • Protect Environment
    • Increase Property Value
  • Why do you need to do a cavity wall survey?

    We need to check to see what type of external walls you have, cavity or solid. We also need to check for already installed installation and if its damaged, if its Formaldehyde or Asbestos based cavity insulation we won't work with it due to health & safety.

  • What types of cavity wall insulation can you not remove?

    Formaldehyde cavity wall insulation or Asbestos. Why? Due to health and saftey & specialist disposal costs.

  • Can I get a grant for cavity wall insulation removal?

    Yes, funding is available for cavity cleaning. The Northern Ireland housing excutive offer cavity funding.

    *Existing Schemes

    We can even help with guidance & paperwork.

  • How is old cavity wall insulation removed?

    A strong compressed air flow is blown into the cavity at different points, while an industrial vacuum collects the defective insulation, debris & rubble – providing a full cavity clear out.

  • What types of insulation can be removed?

    We can remove all types, such as fiber glass, Polystyrene beads or granules. The industrial vacuum system we deploy is much stronger than an everyday home vacuum cleaner.

  • How do you dry the cavity wall out?

    We install cavity wall ventilation, this allows the walls to breath and expel damp before it becomes a problem

  • How do you see inside the cavity wall?

    We use a borescope, we will need to drill a small hole between the bricks, in the cement and then push a flexible camera on a wire inside the cavity. We can adjust to camera and view the inside of the cavity on the borescope.

  • How long does the removal process take?

    For a standard sized family 3 bedroom home the average time required is 2-3 days.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We work and provide cavity wall insulation accross Northern Ireland and greater Belfast.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    Due to extremely high demand we currently only offer our cavity wall installation extraction to customers who need loft insulation installed as well.

    We will be adding another cavity wall extraction team in quarter 2 of 2023 and hope to offer this as a single service then.


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