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About Our Surveys

We have a team of professionally trained surveyors, available to call and advise on the best solutions for improving your homes energy efficiency £.

By identifying areas of your home that could benefit from being insulated, and being more energy efficient, in line with current government recommendations.

With energy costs going through the roof, this is the best way to save up to 50% per year on costs. In addition to increasing your homes resale value, with a higher energy performance rating.

The free energy survey takes about 15 minutes to undertake. Once complete we can discuss the best solutions for your property, and any grants you may be entitled to.

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Our Survey Checklist

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Check Glazing Type
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energy surveys belfast

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the advantages of an energy survey?

    It's Free...

    We will give you free advice on how to improve your homes energy efficiency!

    • Free Survey
    • Save On Bills £
    • Solutions Offered
    • Grant Advice
    • Improve Home Efficiency
    • Free Quotation £
    • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    • Increase Re-Sale Value
  • How long does a survey take?

    Normally around 15 minutes, for larger commmercial property slightly longer.

  • How long does a quote last?

    30 days due to rising costs for materials and the current levels of inflation, however within reason is the rule of thumb.

  • Is the quote no obligation?

    Yes, completely no obligation to buy, its free. We do hope you use our services at a later stage. That is entirely up to you.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We work all over Northern Ireland, with a preference given to Belfast + 25 miles squared.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    We currently have a quick turn around time of 1 week for local loft insulation Northern Ireland jobs. However, this again depends on the scope of works needing done, we our flexible and will work to your schedule, speak to us.


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