Spray Foam Removal

spray foam removal northern ireland

Spray Foam Insulation Removal

Do you have spray foam insulation installed in your loft? If so you're not alone.

We specialise in spray foam insulation removal across Northern Ireland.

We have tried and tested techniques for both open cell & closed cell spray foam removal, completely eradicating the sprayfoam from your roofline.

This will make the timbers & roofline surveyable, in turn ensuring a mortgage can be obtained or equity released on the property.

Once the sprayfoam has been safely removed and disposed, we can help with insulating your loft.

With our clever tried and tested products, that mortgage lenders & building surveyors trust.

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spray foam removal northern ireland

Why Use Us?

We have clever approach to spray foam insulation removal, which comes with experience. This approach will ensure you get a first class finish.

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spray foam removal northern ireland
Residential Properties

We carry out spray foam insulation removal to all types of domestic, residential properties

spray foam removal northern ireland
Commercial Buidlings

Industrial & commercial property spray foam removal specialists across Northern Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the advantages to removing spray foam?

    The property will pass a building survey, this will ensure a mortgage will be granted on the property, or equity getting released.

    • Breathable Roof
    • Better Ventilation
    • Roof Longevity
    • Surveyable & Sellable
    • Less Toxins In Property
    • Prevent Roof Damage
    • Improved Air Quality
    • Increase Property Value
  • What are the different types of sprayfoam insulation?

    The most common used is closed cell & open cell,although very similar in appearance. Both are slightly different in how they are made, with closed cell being the worst of the 2 spray foams.

  • Can my roof breathe with sprayform?

    With closed cell spray foam the loft becomes damp over time, due to not being able to breathe & expell rising condensation. Open cell is not much better, as spray foam expands and fills all the gaps.

  • How does spray foam damage my roof?

    Spray foam expands and can lift your rooftiles from underneath, this can let water in and over time rot your wooden roof trusses/supports.

    The sprayfoam makes discovering leaks nearly impossible, until its to late or it is removed.

  • Is spray foam flammable?

    Yes, it is highly flammable and toxic. When the sprayfoam is being installed a specialist suit and mask must be worn.

  • How long does it take to remove?

    Normally 1 or 2 full days finishes a normal sized home. It can take longer for larger homes or commercial buildings.

  • Will the surveyor pass my property once removal is completed?

    I don't see any reason why not, if the spray foam has caused damage to your roof this will need to be fixed.

  • Do you take the spray foam away after?

    Yes, it needs to be specially disposed of. We employ a contractor with a waste disposal license.

  • What is spray foam made from?

    Spray foam insulation is made by combining polyol resin & isocyanate into an expanding foam

  • Does spray foam cause damp?

    Yes, it blocks up every nook and cranny and stops condensation from escaping.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We work and provide spray foam removal right across Northern Ireland.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    We will try and get you booked in for spray foam removal quickly. Get in touch via the freephone number or contact us via email


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