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Airflow & Ventilation

Having good airflow into your loft is esstential, especially with the wet climate we have locally. A well ventilated loft will ensure the roof structure and loft insulation will last for many years, keeping damp at bay while maintaining a stable comfortable temperature all year round.

A well ventilated loft provides many benefits even in warm conditions during the summer months, keeping your home in the comfort zone. When undertaking an energy survey we will always check to ensure adequate ventilation is in place, and offer the best quick win affordable solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the advantages of loft ventilation?

    Loft Ventilation Advantages

    Savings on bills £ & damp protection, ensuring a long roof life and protection from future building costs.

    • Prevents Damp
    • Cheaper Bills £
    • Cost Effective
    • Roof Longevity
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Increase EPC Score
    • Comfort Zone 12/12
    • Increase Property Value
  • Can I get a grant for loft ventilation?

    Yes & no, If getting loft insulation installed then yes, it can be factored into the price, as a standalone job it would not be applicable for funding.

    *Existing Schemes

    We can even help with guidance & paperwork.

  • Do lofts need ventilation?

    Loft ventilation is needed to expell damp which can come in through the external walls or attic roofline, the house needs to breath and expell moisture. If we do not have good ventilation then the roof & loft insulation may need replaced earlier as damp sets.

    This can even spread to the inside of the property causing all kinds of health problems, you can learn more here about damp in the home.

  • What type of loft vents do you use?

    We use different styles, some of which can blend in naturally to your roofline as tiles and others which sit above the roofline.

  • How long do vents take to install?

    Normally within an hour or two hours max. Loft vents will be installed if needed with any new loft insulation works, as standard!

  • How much ventilation does a loft need?

    This depends on your loft size, we have a simple formula for working this out. You can learn more here.

  • Can loft vents leak?

    If properly installed the vents should be water tight and only expell condensation.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We install loft ventilation and offer a range of clever energy saving solutions across N Ireland.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    We can get new loft vents installed quickly, normally within a few days to a week depending on your location.


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