Affordable Warmth Scheme NI

affordable warmth scheme ni

Affordable Warmth

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is operated by the Housing Excutive, the schemes mandate is to help combat fuel poverty and energy inefficiency. Assisting households most in need, to become more energy efficient £.

You could qualify for free loft insulation & cavity wall insulation, amongst other prioritised energy saving measures if you meet the criteria below.

  • Scheme Criteria 2022

    The Scheme is approved on a case by case basis. In order to qualify you must be one, or a combination of the following.

    • A Home Owner
    • A Mortgage Holder
    • Be Privately Renting
    • Earn Below 23k Gross
    • Have A Disability
    • Single Parent
    • Live In Rural Location
    • Over 70 Years Old
  • Private renting information

    If your privately renting the landlord will need to approve any works, they will also need to contribute 50% £ toward the energy efficiency upgrades. The landlord must be registered with the department for communities - Landlord Registration Scheme.

  • What about council houses?

    If your a housing excutive tenant or housing association you will not qualify, as the scheme is aimed toward the private sector only.

  • How much can we claim?

    You can claim up to £7500, if you need to get external wall insulation this can be extended to £10k.

  • Can you help with the grant application?

    Yes, we can fully guide you and help with papar work. Get in touch with us via email for more information.

  • What other things does the grant cover?

    The grant has 4 areas where you can apply for help? Each area is prioritised in order of needing done before all others. Loft insulation & Cavity wall both fall into priority 1.

  • Can we pay upfront & claim the grant back?

    The housing excutive will do a survey in your property, which can last up to 60 minutes before any improvements get recommended. All work must be carried out only when the grant has been approved, not afterwards or in lieu of getting it.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We work all over Northern Ireland, with a preference given to Belfast + 25 miles squared.

  • How long is the wait once booked in?

    We currently have a quick turn around time of 1 week for local Belfast insulation jobs. However, this again depends on the scope of works needing done, we our flexible and will work to your schedule, speak to us.


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